about boris Boris is now out of graduate school and works next to a rainy courtyard.

Very much previously he alternated between the subjects of slack and non-applied mathematics at the Berkshire's own Simon's Rock College, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bard.

Back further there was Albuquerque High School, where he wrote science fiction short stories and multi-player nethack variants. And also was Jefferson Middle School, where he wore a pea green coat and carried a crocodile-skin violin case containing the aptly-named "Little Johnnie".

Vorher war er fast ein richtiger Österreicher, ja sogar ein Tiroler. Und deshalb mußte er auch die berühmte Sillgasse Innsbruck und vorher die kleine aber hübsche Volders Volkschule besuchen. Leider hat er seine vorherige Mutterspache inzwischen zum meisten vergessen.

Boris' non-professional interests are in computers, mathematics, Baroque & contemporary music, art, 19th & early 20th century literature, cooking, fashion, philosophy, beverages, and oddities.

Boris' resume/C.V. does not exist. But if it did, it would include such elements as 8 years professional software development; experience tutoring and teaching mathematics; the human languages German & English.