Borscht 2.0
Borsch is a completely anonymous dynamic Peer To Peer (P2P) byte routing system. Borscht is not intended to be a P2P file sharing application. Using the Borscht API (Application Programming Interface) allows easy migration of any current TCP-IP application into the network.

  • Borscht allows the transport of bytes to and from any participating node completely anonymously.
  • Borschtís intelligent routing techniques allow the transport of bytes to and from a node in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Built on the latest J2EE standards allow easy migration to any programming language.
  • Compression and 3 layers of encryption provide a fail-safe means of protecting data from prying eyes.

    Recent News!!!

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  • P2P Demo available
  • API 0.1 Alpha Available
  • NetProc designed
  • CVS Setup

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