Borscht 2.0 - NEWS
Feb 22, 2004 Borscht Homepage is online
As an assignment in my media class I decided that this project finally needs a home page.


Jan 12, 2004 P2P Demo is included into the distribution
A fully functional P2P file sharing application has been included. It is full featured with resume downloading, error correction, and logging. I have made available most of the API variables in the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that will allow people to test different configurations. If you wish to run the FileClient.class follow the included manual pages. The class FileServer is a fully functional File Server. This allows searching quickly unlike the Gnutilla model. See the source for further information.


Dec 03, 2003 API 0.1 Alpha passed testing
The first major build of the API was completed.


Aug 24, 2003 CVS is setup
I set up a CVS (Content Verification System) that will help in the programming. The source is contained in the distribution under a GNU license, however if you would like to see build history contact me and I will provide you access to the CVS.


May 08, 2003 Protocol specifications complete
I have completed the protocol specifications but they are not available on line as of now. If interested please email me. I will soon make them available. The source code is well documented and should provide information to an experienced java programmer.


Copyright: Clay Teeter 2004