Borscht 2.0 - Download
I have provided several options for download. The windows version included an install shield simplifying the install process. Two versions are available. (VM) for down loaders that do not have java 1.4.1 or greater installed on their computers. (NO-VM) For down loaders that have already installed java 1.4.1. For all other operating systems you need to have installed java 1.4.1 or greater for the ciphers to work. Two options are available, with source or with out source.


Windows install
VMDownload Windows with Java Runtime (recommended for windows users)
NO VM Download windows without Java Runtime


Other installs
Compiled Compiled classes (no source)
Compiled and source Compiled classes and Source code



 Distribution map

srcContains all the source and Borland JBuilder project files. Either compile it using the JDE or Borland JBuilder
binAll the compiled binaries with run scripts


precompiled binaries
BandwidthTestA demo written to test the throughput between satellite nodes. On my home computer I am getting around 10 megabits with 3 degrees of separation and a pipe width of 5 nodes
master_serverThis is the core of the borsch network. You will need to have this running if you want to use any of the demos separated from the main network.
chat_demoAnonymous chat client / server (first demo I wrote)
FileClientThe client for the borscht p2p file sharing network
FileServerThe server for the borscht p2p file sharing network
SnarkA port to the borscht network of the Snark Torrent project
Copyright: Clay Teeter 2004