Desktop Publishing

Marie-France Arnou
Ph/Fax +33 (0) 241 710 982

Desktop publishing (DTP) consists in placing contents in an application, such as Adobe FrameMaker or PageMaker, from which it can be printed to near-typeset quality.

If you have FrameMaker or PageMaker documents that need to be translated from English into French, I can work directly with the existing formats—no need to convert your source files before sending them to me. I will return the translated files in the same format as the original files—no need to convert the files that you receive from me.

In general, French uses more words than English to express the same idea. When translated from English into French, text tends to expand by about 20%. This means that translated documents might have more pages than the originals. Graphics might shift. The page layout might need to be changed to accommodate the expanded text. Also, hyphenation rules change from one language to the other.

I can take care of these issues and make your French documents look as good as the original English in Adobe FrameMaker 6.0 or PageMaker 6.5.