Marie-France Arnou
Ph/Fax +33 (0) 241 710 982

April–June 2002
Institute for Health Professionals, Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon

Medical Terminology Course I and II

30-hour course designed for the interpreter who will be working in the medical setting. Taught in English.

September 1990–September 1995
Institut de Perfectionnement en Langues Vivantes (IPLV)
Université Catholique de l'Ouest (UCO), Angers, France

Master's Degree in English Language (1995)

I researched and wrote my dissertation, The Evolution of the Use of the Irish Language while I was an assistant teacher at Salerno Secondary School in Galway, Ireland. I defended it and passed cum laude.

University Degree in Translation (French, English, German) (1994)

Awarded after graduation with a Bachelor's Degree and completion of the translation study curriculum taught at the IPLV (4 years). This includes, in particular, classes in literary and technical translation, the translation of an American short story, creation of a documented terminological database, and a final examination.

Diploma in Business German (1994)

Awarded by the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Bachelor's Degree in English Language (1993)

Certificate in Business German, First Grade (1993)

Awarded by the Société pour la Propagation des Langues Étrangères en France (SPLEF).

Diploma in Business English (1993)

Awarded by the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Erasmus student at the Katholieke Vlaamse Hogeschool (KVH) in Antwerp, Belgium

I took classes in Dutch, German, and English for a semester (09/92–01/93).

Associate Degree in English Language, Literature and Civilization (1992)

Diploma in Russian, Second Grade (1992)

Awarded by Anjou Inter-Langues, Angers, France, after completion of a 75-hour course, with final examination.

Certificate of Proficiency in English (1992)

Awarded by the University of Cambridge, England.

Diploma in Business English, Advanced Grade (1992)

Awarded by the SPLEF.

Certificate in Business English, First Grade (1991)

Awarded by the SPLEF.

September 1987–June 1990
Lycée Sainte-Marie, Cholet, France

High School Degree (1990)

Emphasis on literature, philosophy, and mathematics.