Marie-France Arnou
Ph/Fax +33 (0) 241 710 982

You may want to create and maintain glossaries:

I can build glossaries from your existing documentation. I will pull out all relevant English terms from the English version and match them up with their French equivalents, or vice versa. Before starting, we would have to determine together what should be entered in the glossary. For example, you might want a glossary of all menus and commands that appear in a user manual, or a glossary of all technical terms used in some hardware documentation.

I can also translate a list of terms in order to create a glossary that will become the basic reference for a large translation project.

Depending on contents of provided material, definitions can be added to terms. If multiple sources are available, each term can be associated with its source. We can agree on any number of additional fields, according to your specific needs and available material.

Glossaries can have different formats, such as:

Ask for more details!