Marie-France Arnou
Tél/Fax +33 (0) 241 710 982

Lisez ma lettre de recommandation écrite (en anglais) par Hervé Rodriguez, président d'Excel Translations, Inc.

Lisez ma lettre de recommandation écrite (en anglais) par Melissa Parmar, cofondatrice d'Atlas Translations Ltd.

From Beth R. Podrovitz, Project Manager at CETRA, Inc.:

Hello Marie-France,

I know you're on vacation today, but I wanted to forward a comment from our client on one of the projects you did for us:

The quality of this French translation was really good. Please do not hesitate to use this person for all future [client] work!!

De Lisa Heinrich, chef de projets chez Excel Translations, Inc. :

Thanks Marie-France! You're FAST!

Also, I wanted to let you know about the "sample translation" job XXXX. They said the French was PERFECT!

De Richard Forrest, SDL International :

Thank you so much for delivery of this file.
I also want to thank you especially for the comments below and your particular information on [...] 100% match segments which is well beyond the scope we asked of you.

It is obvious you are extremely conscientous and your commitment to quality is superb. [...]

Thank you so much again for all these comments - you are brilliant.

De Katja Zuske, chef de projets chez HighTech Passport, Ltd. :

Salut Marie-France,

I just wanted to let you know that the editor was happy with your translation. This means, if you would like to, consider yourself part of the network. I already have a new job for you, a new set of [client] sheets.

De Laura Wäyrynen, chef de projets chez AAC Global Oy, à propos de la localisation d'un fichier PSD dans PhotoShop 6.01 :

Hi Marie-France,

Just to let you know: your image file was perfect - in fact the only perfect one among the test files we've received so far!

De Helen Pix, chef de projets chez SDL Sheffield Ltd. :

Hello Marie-France

[...] our French department head was very impressed with your work and made very few changes.

Thanks again.

De Janeen Haase, chef de projets chez ForeignExchange Translations, Inc. :

Dear Marie-France,

Thank you very much for your comments - I will discuss this with the client and let you know.

I really appreciate your thoroughness. You know, unfortunately, it is usually the exception that a translator is so thorough. When I work with someone who is so thorough, it shows me that you are really thinking about the project not just translating it - and it shows us that we can trust in you and your work to be the best. Thank you.

De Gregory Zlotin, ancien chef de projets chez Excel Translations, Inc. :


As I mentioned, here is an addition to the Annual Report you have just translated. Please amend the word count in your contracts and submit additional invoices.

The client is very happy with the fast turnaround of the main part. Please translate the addition (418 source words) on an equally rush basis.

Thank you very much indeed.

De Heidi Pekkinen, chef de projets de localisation chez AAC Global Oy :

Hi Marie-France!

Thank you, great job!

You were really quick. Thanks.

De Minna Jakobsson, chef de projets chez AAC Global Oy :

Hi Marie-France,

Of course it is ok for us, you can give my name and contact details. I recommend you very warmly, just hoping you'll be available to us in the future as well ;-)

D'Annukka Tuomainen, ancienne assistante chez AAC Global Oy :

Dear Marie-France,

We had your test translation proofread by our native translator and it was graded very good in every respect, which is important as [our client]'s expectations of the correctness and overall quality of their translations is very high. Therefore it's likely we'll be contacting you some time in the future!